Cyber Learning has no age limit!

Next Gen Academic STEM

S.T.E.M. programs are necessary in our
ever-growing society with the development of technology. We need to
equip our children to be prepared for

Cyber DMZ for K-12

Cyber DMZ is an active cyber training
program that allows people across the
nation to access our resources and
workshops entirely remotely.
Our mission is to bring innovation and
career development to learners across the
globe with a personal touch. We have
developed in-house solutions paired with
commercial companies in support of
academic STEM objectives.


Some of our solutions included are:
• MineCraft Education
• Python Coding
• Coding workshops for K-12
• Game development for high school
students and faculty
• Senior & Junior After School
Cyber Career training programs
• LEGO coding & Development

Games are not just

Minecraft & Game development provides
a progressive learning track for
programming, problem solving,
mathematics, communication, and
High & middle school virtual development programs increase the structured approaches to creating something fun and inspiring for every student enrolled. The practice of both platforms encourages the use of structured process to support management, logical thinking, problem solving, and expression.
Lessons that are learned will be life’s
greatest lessons. Let us prepare our youth
to tackle the greatest challenges with a
smile on their face!

Real World Instructors

Teaching should not be by recordings
alone and is not a practice at Cyber DMZ by
SekureNation. We will provide time slots
for live instruction and group tutoring
sessions to empower students to keep

Nurturing Creativity

Our student population has massive
amounts of innovation and ingenuity
begging to be expressed. Our programs
allow students to challenge the cyber
limits with construction of imaginary
environments and the ability to display
their creative thinking.

Academic Support

Teachers, faculty, parents, students, and schools are not alone, SekureNation is here to support you. We understand change is hard. We have the tools and people to support technically, operationally, and financially when ready.

Contact Information

SekureNation & Cyber DMZ

3055 N. Campbell Ave Suite #123

Tucson, Arizona 85719


Phone: 520-490-1154

Alt: 520-490-8717

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