endpoint protection

With Antivirus and Malware software being essential, the ongoing constant maintenance is a time consumer you don't need. SekureNation Endpoint Monitoring offers a small footprint, yet robust protection that counters multiple threats before execution occurs. "Typical Antivirus" software can consume tons of resources while living on your system, with SekureNation, you get a managed security solution that is cloud based and has minimal impact on your systems. We do all the heavy lifting by constantly maintaining malware and virus threat profiles, and consistently update our automated response techniques so that we can intervene before a threat has a chance to attack.  

Since our Endpoint Security is hosted on the cloud, you can work confidently knowing that your data and devices are protected whether you're at work, home, or even at your favorite coffee shop. 

Antivirus and Malware software maintenance is traditionally a substantial man-hour commitment and worrisome factor to your SLA uptime. This maintenance often forces workstation downtime and constant review of patches for vulnerability assessments prior to implementation.  SekureNation Commercial Endpoint Monitoring offers a centralized detection solution with robust protection without a constantly increasing the workstation footprint that counters multiple threat vectors even before execution. Instead of a bulky, attention hungry, resource consuming Antivirus program living on each of your companies workstations, our security solution is sensor based, cloud managed with minimal impact on your system.  We do all the heavy lifting of maintaining malware and virus threat profiles, and using our non-invasive automated response technique can intervene before a threat has a chance to execute.  Our solution operates by looking at the metadata between processes, so your data remains secure and only where you store it.