Why Choose SekureNation for Your Learing Managment System?
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SekureNation is the "go-to" choice for...
-Higher Education
-Professional Training
-Custom Projects
University Building
Major universities like University of Florida, University of Michigan, and University of Washington use the same LMS platform.
Easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more! By using SekureNation you have access to the latest e-learning industry trends for creating robust learning experiences.
With our LMS you are always in control. Use the simple yet powerful administration capabilities to manage your users and courses with ease.
Developers & designers continually choose SekureNation for their clients.
Create content, manage user enrollment, view activity in real-time, and download user reports.
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Features of Courses Include:
  • Focus Mode
    • Your very own branded learning portal.
  • Powerful Course Builder
    • The industries best course builder that makes course creation a snap.
  • Advanced Quizzing
    • Eight different question types, custom messages, and question banks.
  • Drip Feed Content
    • Drip feed your lesson content according to a schedule.
  • Flexible Prerequisites
    • Set course, lesson, and quiz based prerequisites.
  • Dynamic Forums
    • Private or public course specific forums for your enrolled users.​
  • Grade book​
    • Syncs quiz and assignments along with manual grading.​
  • Course Points​
    • Award points for completing courses and unlock new ones.​
  • Certificates and Badges​
    • Award customs certificates and points for course activites.​
Administration Features:
  • User Profiles
    • Front-end profiles so users can track their course activity.
  • Email Notifications
    • Automatic email triggers increase learner engagement.
  • Group Management
    • Place users into groups and allow others to manage them.
  • Detailed Reporting
    • Quickly run reports on user enrollment, progress,  and quiz performance.
  • Assignment Management
    • Approve, commit, and award points on submitted assignments.
  • Expire Access
    • Remove access after a specified amount of time.​
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We are providing rapid learning management server support to schools and parents in need.
LMS Servers can be designed and ready for usage within 72 hours
Features Concerning Monetization:
  • One- Time Purchase​​​
    • One-time price, subscriptions, and shopping cart supported.
  • Subscriptions​​
    • Charge a one-time fee, or maximize revenue through recurring payments and subscriptions.
  • Shopping Carts
    • Easily implement a shopping cart for selling courses.
  • Memberships
    • Sell traditional membership access to all of your courses.
  • Course Bundles
    • Sell your courses one at a time, or create bundles.
  • Course Licenses
    • Allow organizations to purchase licenses in bulk and then grant access to their staff.
Tech Features:
  • Tin Can API & SCORM
    • Have a need to use a program like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, or H5P? No problem!
  • Multi Site Enabled
    • If you are running a WordPress multisite installation then you can use SekureNation across your network.
  • Use Any Theme
    • SekureNation is built to work with modern WordPress themes as well as many of the popular page builder plugins available today.
  • Use Any Media
    • You can use literally any type of media for course content
  • Mobile Compatible
    • If your theme works on Mobile, so will SekureNation.
  • Industry Experts
    • Responsive support from e-learning experts with extensive Fortune 500 experience.​
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