Cyber Education Platform

     Solutions provided by SekureNation are based upon the requirement requested using a vast schedule as well as a full spectrum array of cyber training. From on-site to online training through different platforms, we also provide a full range of customizable curriculum to meet any needs.

     Currently, SekureNation provides the following Network and Security oriented courses designed to not only instruct but to prepare students for the work environment they may be entering.  New courses and subjects will be added as the industry continues to expand.

  • IT Security Analyst

  • Network Administration

  • System Administration

  • Red Team Cyber Security Training

  • Cloud Administration and Security and More...

     SekureNation’s Cyber Education Platform is a controlled environment for the entity, academic institution, and/or organization to utilize without marketing/advertising distractions.  Each solution has a fully developed framework per our deployment model for customization. Upon acceptance of contract and/or solution, SekureNation creates, modifies, and provides a customer-oriented environment to match the operational perspective of the purchasing party.

  • The required software, system, and infrastructure updates are performed by SekureNation during the life of this proposal in accordance with a predetermined customer driven maintenance schedule.

  • SekureNation’s educational solution provides maximum uptime of 99.9% operation with our service-level agreement.

  • All maintenance and downtime must be approved by both the customer and SekureNation personnel in a formal documented request.

     Multiple solutions are available to support single sign-on and adaptive username integration provide on cloud platforms including, but not limited to:

  • Amazon Web Services identity and access management (AWS IAM)

  • Microsoft Azure active directory services

  • Internal Duo authentication Multi-factor/Single sign-on  solutions

  • OpenID Connect/Open Authorization

  • Kerberos/Federated services

     SekureNation Cyber Education Platform does not require sensitive information to achieve the completion of the learning process. Only public disclosable information will be requested and/or utilized in the platform. SekureNation does NOT require students personally identifiable information (PII) nor protected health information (PHI) to provide services, education, academic solutions, and professional growth.

     A 90-day grace period is provided to support the transition of customer data back into the stewardship of the management.  All data is returned to the customer, and residual data is place on hold for 90 days to support the redistribution to the customer.  After the 90-day grace period, the data is then fully deleted from SekureNation’s platform and records permanently. SekureNation does not retain any data post 90 days after the permanent deletion of that data.
     SekureNation’s platform is built upon an agile integration model to support J.I.T development for required academic operations.


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