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Cyber Battlegroundz

A Cyber-security Training Environment

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What is the Battlegroundz?

     Security is an aspect of life that everyone should take the time to understand and implement. Whether better door locks or better password practices, there is always a need for those knowledgeable in making things secure.  In the realm of cybersecurity, it falls to trained security operatives to assist and educate both commercial and residential clients with better procedures and practices.

     Where do these operatives go to test and hone their skills?  Most will learn on the job or at a local hackathon, a gathering of like-minded individuals practicing and comparing techniques on pen-testing and securing a system.  Though great for the practice, most hackathons are at a fixed location and happen sporadically. Our aim here at the SekureNation Battlegroundz is to give access to a virtual online practice environment for cyber-operatives in areas lacking an adequate resource, to provide in a sense a hackathon that can be accessed from anywhere with connectivity.

     Ultimately, the battlegroundz is virtual sandbox for cyber-operatives to improve their knowledge and gain experience within a legal environment alongside others. Below is a link to some informative TED talks on the subject of Cyber Securities.



$45/ month


  • Limited Lab Access

  • Hands-on Experience

  • Daily on Site Mentors

  • 3 courses taught per month

  • Early Access to special teaching events

  • Beginner members will receive 10% off Meet-up events

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