Commercial Endpoint Security

Antivirus and Malware software maintenance is traditionally a substantial man-hour commitment and worrisome factor to your Service Level Agreement uptime. This maintenance often forces workstation downtime and constant review of patches for vulnerability assessments prior to implementation. SekureNation's Commercial Endpoint Monitoring offers a centralized detection solution with robust protection without the constant increase of workstation footprint that counters multiple threat vectors before execution. Our security solution is sensor based and cloud managed that offers minimal impact on your system. We do the heavy lifting of maintaining malware and virus threat profiles and we use our non-invasive automated response technique that intervene before a threat has a chance to execute.  Our solution operates by looking at the metadata between processes so that your data remains secure.

Scalable Service Options

In order to provide options for every size of business, we offer tiered and expandable endpoint security services customized to your specific IT needs. In addition we offer Home Office options to give parity between Commercial and Remote users making telecommuting pain-free as your dedicated home workspace machine can be mirrored to your workplace network standards.