Residential Endpoint Monitoring

Antivirus and Malware software being essential, the ongoing constant maintenance is a time sink you do not need. SekureNation Endpoint Monitoring offers a small footprint, and robust protection that counters multiple threat vectors even before execution. Instead of a bulky, attention hungry, resource consuming Antivirus program living on your system, our managed security solution is cloud hosted with minimal impact on your system. We do all the heavy lifting of maintaining malware and virus threat profiles constantly, and using our automated response techniques we can intervene before a threat has a chance to execute. Our solution operates by looking at the metadata between processes and when paired with our backup services, you can be protect your data against even hardware failure or loss. 

Scalable Service Options

Similar to our Commercial tiers, our Residential implementation delivers the very same protections that ensure your data is secure at work can protect you while on a public network or at home.  Our Home Office options give parity between enterprise and consumer use makes Telecommuting pain free as your home workspace machine can be mirrored your work network standards.

Residential Pricing

  • things

  • other things

  • Justifiable things

  • SekureNation support

Home Office Solutions

  • Ideal for Telecommuting 

  • Complements Business Plans

  • Easily mirrors work IT standards 

  • Not network dependant, solution active while mobile

  • SekureNation discount with existing Business Plans

Contact Information

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